It's time for us collectively to do all we can to help heal our wounded world.




Ceremonies - The first  ceremony for Whales,  combined with Breathwork,   happened in May 2018 at the Alchemy of Breathwork Camp Ibiza.  Kim explains, ' In the 90s I had witnessed the most beautiful ceremonies  with the Mirning people of  Southern Australia, I had carried this universal ceremony, of forgiveness, unity and peace since that time. The old man painted me up and asked me to do Ceremony  for Whales out in the wider world. We made the movie Whaledreamers and now it is time to share the Whale Song, ceremony and dance.  Every time we gather in a circle, sing, dance,   chant and set intention - we are doing ceremony, being ceremony.  This is for us to remember who we are,  to forgive one another, to walk gently again  on the earth mother, connected deeply to our true nature, and  the natural world .

The time is now. 


HeartSong circles

We can gather anywhere to co create HeartSong Circles.  For over 30 years Kim has held these spaces in Malibu, Maui,  Byron Bay and Ubud Bali.  Now collaborating with different people writing his own HeartSongs,   holding circles in Bratislava,  London,, Dublin and beyond..  The more we sing together,  the more we love together,    the better chance we have to remember who we are.  " We sing together to heal, unify and uplift through message and actual frequency .... connecting strangers quickly beyond words in sound. People feeling the frequency of the heart, feeling each other deeply".  




There are many different forms of Breathwork going back through ancient times. Prana Yama, Holotropic, Shamanic, Rebirthing and many more. The particular method used here is a Conscious Connected Breath called The Alchemy of Breath, as taught by Anthony Abagnano, Founder of The Alchemy of Breath. The work can be shared one on one or with smaller and larger extended groups. The sessions vary from 30 minutes , to an hour  up to two hours,  and up to two sessions can be shared in a day. 


Meditation - self awareness

Through  sharing meditation, various breathing techniques,  certain exercises, it is possible to use the breath to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our internal processes, and to help release old patterns and emotional blocks.  As  facilitators  we act as your guides and offer support in various different ways, whether in one on one personal sessions or in smaller or larger group processes.  A safe, judgement free space and your well being  are our number one priorities.   Always.


One on One

Kim offers one on one sessions in person, as well over Zoom and Skype. I am  happy to offer these sessions in the context of retreats, festivals and healing centres.