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Breathwork Festival.

We are happy to presenting at the “Breathe A Festival of Life”  which will be held over 4 days, starting Thursday 29th August until Sunday 1st September 2019.  

Organiser Keery Veitch explains - " Located in the magnificent grounds of Gaunt’s House in the Dorset countryside, this is the second time we have run this event. Following on from our successful launch last year, Breathe #2 promises to be an even more inspiring and life changing event.

So what is 'Breathe: A Festival Of Life'?

Our   vision is to create a Breathwork Festival that brings people together in a beautiful space, to fully let go into the breath and to celebrate every inhale and exhale with our full presence. When we become truly present to the breath, we become present to LIFE!

BREATHE has been established by a community of experienced breathwork practitioners who come from a wide range of different modalities working with the breath. This offers you the chance to really explore a number of techniques to discover what works best for you, and to experience the magic of this wide range of contrasting and different approaches to your connection with the breath, all in one place.

We invite you to join us in community as we BREATHE. Come and feel what it is to  be alive and to feel how the breath brings us into awareness of the preciousness of all life. Come and surrender into deep acceptance of your breath; honor and celebrate it with us!

Breathe in: Expand, open up and receive.
Breathe out: Surrender, let go, sit in stillness and receive the wisdom that will guide us forward in our lives.

Breathe Festival offers us a chance to bring conscious awareness to the mystery of the breath. Join us and enjoy an immersive retreat style event in beautiful surroundings in unspoilt nature.

Gaunt's House holds ethical and charitable practice as two of it's core values - come be with us and experience this fantastic celebratory festival for yourself. We can't wait to see you there!

Typical day long flow

9 am - Opening circle. Opening chant - the chanting connects us to ourselves, everyone together and helps to open the heart. It arises spontaneously throughout the day. So even though we have a format, a flow, we are completely flexible, depending on what is happening with the group. 

9.30 am Harmonious breathing  and Meditation

We learn how to breath more freely and harmonious way, open the ribs, the lungs, relax the diaphragm and settle the mind.

Assisting in connecting consciously to own inner process which supports the Breathwork later.  

It is essential to step into discovery of what our bodies are saying to us, not our minds. 

1030 am - Cacao Ceremony with Ecstatic dance.

This is one of the most simple and effective ways to move the group energy, further opening hearts.

In the 30 min ecstatic dance flow we dance completely freely as if no one is watching.


1145 am- 1245 pm Introductory Alchemy of Breath work

We focus in this session on relaxing into the technique, becoming aware where in our bodies, both emotional and physical, we need release.  To check technique

1245 - 130 pm Sharing circle. 


230 - 530 pm Ceremonial Breathwork flow. 

We open with chanting, ritual, shaking, moving into the full Breathwork.

During the Breathwork - we will be assisting with hands on healing, for those needing help with releasing or moving stagnant energy flow.  

The music for this session contains ancient chanting of the Aboriginal Whale People The Mirning.

5 - 6 pm closing Chanting Circle and Sharing Circle.  

Afterwards there will be opportunity to spend time one on one with facilitators to be able to focus on what modalities can be utilised to help people go back out into the outside world. To integrate the days practices into everyday life is key in this process. 


Dublin - 'Words do not even begin to reflect what was created and shared last weekend at the Ceremonial Breathwork Weekend in Dublin. 

What a heart warming, heart opening  retreat! The space, facilitators, angels and all the brave souls who truly showed up, to open, connect, to be vulnerable, to share, cry, scream, chant, sing and dance. To open your heart to send out healing to the Whales and the planet your heart has no option but to open and grow.'

Past Events

Glastonbury  1 - Only a few months after it birthed in Ibiza,  we gathered in Glastonbury.  So special to hold our first flow based on the Alchemy of Breath System of conscious connected breathing, bless our teacher Anthony Abagnano centred around a Whale Ceremony,  co created with Ben Beaumont  and Steph Magenta, with amazing assistance from Ariane Logan and Nelly Sramkova, our breath work angels. Also supported with the heart voice of Vandita and the earth medicine of Draupadi..what a crew. Â Must not forget Bens wife Jen who lovingly cooked throughout whole weekend  and also our hosts with the mosts Mary Beth and Richard.  Really touched and moved by the whole thing. Every participant came with open hearts,  the transformation was stunning and the scale of it unexpected. What brave open souls. Tears flowed freely from everyone,  hearts were opened and lives including mine feel transformed for the better for ever.

What did I see? What did I learn? Less is more and get out of your own way to allow the energy to flow through co create the space of love, then  surrender and the magic and alchemy happens ..through the breath, through play, through surrender to the moment. I loved  bringing  the whale ceremony back into my life and to be able to share with more people again. Voice and chant supported the process as I hoped it would.  I loved how it brought us all together in common ritual purpose. Loved theme of forgiveness Ho oh Pono Pono..flowing through it all. 

Many came and went through this process. It was heartening to see and feel the openness and love in the room.  The heart song circle was divine although we were tired from the day,  it was never the less a full on joyful experience. Ben and Steph wove their magic throughout the weekend beautiful to see and experience their work.  

I felt by the end people I had not met before are now family for life. Thank you all. Thank you great spirit

Slovakia - Deep breath after Glastonbury and then on a plane to Slovakia with Nelly,   for the next round of Whale Breath Chant Breathe Dance flow.  Nely Sramkova took care of everything as we spent the week preparing for the weekend. Corina our Dublin co host and super angel arrived, Steph Magenta flew in from Manchester and Jennifer Ann our voice angel drove all the way from. Amsterdam. All on a wing and a prayer a genuine offering from the heart.

The stage was set by a meeting of music hearts the night before  the start with Eva and Lune there to help learn the heart song circle chants it developed into a co creative full on ancestral grandmother invocation song emerging from the heart. Dancing from the DNA.  Such a powerful setting of space. It was in this moment that I felt the whole thing go deeper.The weekend unfolded from there magic happened, more co created field of love, hearts opened and voices joined in joyful celebration. Humans flourishing, expanding, learning, loving.   There are really no words another. spectacular weekend of shared love for all time. How can we not live like this?

All who contributed were loving, fun, great to work with and contributed so so so so much, can't wait to return to this magical people, this magical land. 

Dublin - 

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