It's time for us collectively to do all we can to help heal our wounded world.


Breathwork - A heart centred path for healing

CHANT - HeartSong Circles


Chanting  is a direct way to experience the divine in ourselves and each other.  Whether in large or small groups, the  human voice  joined together  in Chant, Prayer, Ancient 

Mantra,  HeartSong  or free form sound,  has the ability to connect us to our deepest longing, our inner silence  and each others   hearts. An experience of joy and oneness is often achieved.  Used since the beginning of time, the core principle remains  timeless, the  sound of the OM connects us to the whole universe  and beyond. 

BREATHE- Breathwork


There are many different forms of Breathwork going back through ancient times. Prana Yama, Holotropic, Shamanic, Rebirthing and many more. The particular method used here is a Conscious Connected Breath called The Alchemy of Breath, as taught by Anthony Abaggnano, Founder of The Alchemy of Breath. The work can be shared one on one or with smaller and larger extended groups. The sessions vary from 30 minutes to an hour and up to two sessions can be shared in a day. 

DANCE - Ecstatic Movement


...and so to the body.  Dance for the sake of just moving, stretching,  shaking and simply being,  without a care in the world.  The participant is entirely free to move as he or she pleases, without restriction, judgement  or restraint. Again, along with the breath and chanting, an ancient way to connect deeply with the  universe, the earth and our true nature,  beyond time and space.  The music is heart centred and often includes mantra and chant, which we encourage,  as the ecstatic flow  builds and unfolds.