It's time for us collectively to do all we can to help heal our wounded world.

About us


Kim Kindersley and Lunka Nadush - working together to hold space for individual sessions, groups, both large and small for day long processes, weekend retreats and longer residential workshops. All dedicated to a path of healing and expanding self awareness.



Lunka Nadush

Guiding  people on the path to explore their inner processes, offering assistance to transform suffering into path of self awareness and liberation. 

Through pointing out how to integrate the inner liberation into their very being, helps people to discover how to live everyday as a whole balanced life.

She combines work on outer level through massages, myofascial release, yoga, breathwork and consultations, together with inner work with meditation techniques.

Helping people unveiling the authentic self through connecting with  their innate essence. 

Versed in many different healing systems, appreciating many masters who have shared their wisdoms with her over the years, particularly guided by her  master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Lama Henrik Havlat and Stefan Schubert. 

Lunka is also available for extended private consultations via Skype and video link. 


Kim Kindersley

Kim is a breathwork facilitator with the Alchemy of Breath. An award winning film maker, including Whaledreamers and Bali Life is an Offering,  Kim is a facilitator of the AOB Breathwork. 

He has  dedicated much of his life to protection of Mother Earth especially oceans, whales and dolphins .....

His movies Whaledreamers and Bali Life is an Offering have been internationally recognised and won numerous awards. Kim spent years meeting and spending time with tribes from around globe and dedicated himself to looking into different ceremonies. This journey now continues to bring the Essence of these messages in an evolving form. Bringing people together and helping them on path of self healing through breath,  fire ceremony , earth medicine,  heart singing circles and ritual dance. He is guided by his own connection to these ancient arts, particularly sharing the messages of the people of the whaie featured in the whaledreamers movie.   'For me the greatest gift of all has been the Breathwork and Chanting.   I am grateful to be able to share this in many different ways,  depending on the individual circumstances. I like to combine with movement, shaking,  fire ceremony,  whale ceremony and of course Heart 

Song Circles.  Chanting is a wonderful way of connecting to the heart and to each other,  beyond words.